Aigo Power supply – 500w




Aigo  Power supply  – 500w

The 500W PC power supply is an ideal choice for users seeking a reliable and high-performance power source for their desktop computer. With an output power of 500 watts, this power supply provides adequate capacity to efficiently power all essential components of your system, including the processor, graphics card, hard drives, and connected peripherals.

Featuring a robust design and high energy efficiency, this power supply delivers optimal electrical stability, reducing the risk of overvoltage or short circuits. With its 80 PLUS certification, it ensures energy efficiency of over 80%, contributing to reduced power consumption and lower electricity bills.

This power supply is equipped with a range of cables and connectors to accommodate the various requirements of your configuration, allowing for easy connection of all your components.

While this power supply does not have a specific certification, it is manufactured with high-quality components and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure reliability and durability. It also incorporates features such as protection against overvoltage, short circuits, and voltage fluctuations, enhancing the safety of your system.

With its silent operation and energy efficiency, this power supply enables you to enjoy a noise-free computing experience and reduced energy consumption. It represents an affordable and reliable choice for powering your PC optimally.

Additional information

Power Output

This power supply has a maximum power output of 500 watts (W), providing ample capacity to efficiently power your computer components.

Energy Efficiency

While not certified, this power supply is designed with energy efficiency in mind, ensuring optimal power conversion and reducing electricity consumption for a more eco-friendly operation.


The power supply is equipped with a range of connectors, including those for the motherboard, graphics card, hard drives, and peripherals. It offers compatibility with various PC configurations.


With built-in protections against overvoltage, short circuits, and voltage fluctuations, this power supply safeguards both itself and your PC components from potential electrical damage, ensuring reliable and safe operation.


Please note that this power supply is not modular, meaning the cables are permanently attached rather than detachable.


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