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Introducing the Manmu PC Processor Cabinet Case, a mid-tower marvel for ATX motherboards. Crafted from a robust blend of aluminum alloy, acrylic, and steel, it features a sleek white design. This case is equipped with versatile front ports including audio, eSATA, and USB, along with a transparent side panel window for a glimpse into your build. Measuring 420x350x180mm, it supports a 12x12x25 fan. Customize your setup further with options for logo and packaging personalization, blending functionality with a unique style. Perfect for desktop enthusiasts seeking a blend of performance and customization.

Additional information


Designed for ATX motherboards, suitable for various desktop setups.


Constructed from a combination of aluminum alloy, acrylic, and steel, ensuring durability and a modern look.

USB Ports

Includes front ports with audio, eSATA, and USB capabilities for diverse connectivity options.


Measures 420x350x180mm, providing ample space for components while fitting comfortably in most workspaces.


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