Corsair RM1000x 80 PLUS Gold




Corsair RM1000x: The Gold Standard in Power Supplies – 80 PLUS Gold Certified

Experience power and performance like never before with the Corsair RM1000x power supply unit (PSU). This 1000W PSU is 80 PLUS Gold certified, delivering over 90% energy efficiency at real-world load conditions.

The Corsair RM1000x doesn’t just stop at efficiency; it also ensures clean, stable power to all your components, making it an ideal choice for high-performance systems. This PSU is built with high-quality Japanese capacitors for incredible stability and durability.

Furthermore, it utilizes a fully modular cable set, allowing you to use only the cables you need, resulting in a cleaner build and improved airflow.

With its whisper-quiet operation, you can say goodbye to distracting noises during your most intense gaming sessions. It even features a Zero RPM Fan Mode, which ensures fan doesn’t spin until it’s needed, providing virtually silent operation at low and medium loads.

The Corsair RM1000x – a power supply that offers exceptional performance, superb efficiency, and outstanding features. Power your passion with Corsair.

Additional information

Power Output

Provides ample power (1000w) to support high-end gaming systems and intensive workstations.

Energy Efficiency

The 80 PLUS Gold certification ensures 90% energy efficiency at 50% load and 87% at 20% and 100% load.


Measuring 150mm x 86mm x 180mm, the Corsair RM1000x easily fits into most PC cases.


The RM1000x provides stable and secure power supply to protect your valuable components.


Allows for easy, clean wiring, with which you can use only the cables you need, helping improve airflow and minimize clutter.


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