Gaming Screen Curved LED 27 inches 240hz




27-inch Curved LED LCD Gaming Display: Step into Immersive 240Hz Action!

Unleash the true potential of your gaming experience with our 27-inch Curved LED LCD Gaming Monitor. Crafted to perfection, this monitor is more than just a display – it’s a portal into the heart of your digital battles. The curved design doesn’t just look stunning, it pulls you into the action, creating a panoramic visual treat that matches your natural field of view. With a rapid 240Hz refresh rate, say goodbye to motion blur and embrace the silky-smooth transitions, giving you the edge in high-octane gaming encounters. Dive deep into vibrant colors, sharper contrasts, and life-like visuals thanks to the LED LCD technology. Whether you’re sniping from a mountaintop or racing through neon-lit streets, every detail stands out with breathtaking clarity. Coupled with an ergonomic stand and sleek aesthetics, this monitor doesn’t just elevate your gameplay; it transforms your entire gaming space. Step into the future, where every pixel is a masterpiece and every moment is flawless.

Additional information

Display Technology

LED LCD. Combines the benefits of LED backlighting with the crispness of an LCD panel to produce bright and clear visuals.

Screen Size & curve

27 inches (Curved). The 27-inch curved screen enhances immersion, wrapping the visuals around the viewer for a more panoramic and engaging gaming experience

Refresh Rate

240Hz. Ensures ultra-fluid gameplay by displaying up to 240 frames per second, drastically reducing screen tearing and offering a smooth visual flow during intense gaming scenarios.


1920 x 1080


2x HD-MI1.4 , DP interface, Headphone Plug, power socket, HD-MI2.0


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