Gaming Screen LCD LED 24 inches 240hz




24-inch LED LCD Gaming Monitor: Dive into Action at 240Hz!

Experience gaming like never before with our 24-inch LED LCD Gaming Monitor. Designed for both casual gamers and esports enthusiasts, this monitor promises unparalleled clarity, fluidity, and responsiveness. Its blazing-fast 240Hz refresh rate ensures buttery-smooth gameplay, eliminating motion blur and giving you the upper hand in fast-paced gaming scenarios. The LED LCD technology offers vivid colors, deep blacks, and a contrast ratio that brings every frame to life. With a sleek design and adjustable stand, it’ll not only optimize your gaming space but also complement its aesthetics. On-screen action has never looked or felt so real. Elevate your gameplay, and immerse yourself in a world where every detail is crisp, and every movement is seamless. Dive into the next level of gaming excellence with our 24-inch monitor – because in the realm of competition, every millisecond counts.

Additional information

Display Technology

LED LCD. Combines the benefits of LED backlighting with the crispness of an LCD panel to produce bright and clear visuals.

Screen Size

24 inches.Offers a comfortable viewing experience, ideal for both casual and competitive gaming setups.

Refresh Rate

240Hz. Provides ultra-smooth gameplay, reducing screen tearing and ensuring fluid motion in fast-paced gaming scenarios.


1920 x 1080


HD + DP + USB2.0 + Audio + SPK


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