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Logitech G102 RGB: Precision Gaming Meets Vibrant Illumination

Dive into an elevated gaming experience with the Logitech G102 RGB mouse. Designed for the modern gamer, this mouse combines Logitech’s signature precision with the vibrant allure of customizable RGB lighting. Whether you’re navigating the battlefields or executing precise clicks, the G102 ensures accuracy with its advanced optical sensor. The ergonomic design provides comfort for marathon gaming sessions, while its programmable buttons let you tailor your setup to your unique playing style. But it’s not just about performance; the dynamic RGB lighting adds an aesthetic touch, syncing with your gameplay or your mood. With the Logitech G102 RGB, gaming becomes more immersive, and your desk gets a touch more dazzling.

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Advanced Optical Sensor. Ensures pinpoint accuracy in tracking movements, making every click and movement count, especially during high-intensity gaming sessions


Programmable Buttons. Allows users to assign specific functions or macros to buttons, optimizing the mouse for various games and tasks


Ergonomic Build. Crafted for comfort, the G102's shape caters to prolonged gaming sessions, reducing hand fatigue and ensuring optimal grip


Dynamic RGB Lighting. Offers customizable lighting options, allowing users to choose from millions of colors and synchronize lighting effects with their gameplay or environment


Black, Blue, White, Purple


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