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Logitech G502: The Pinnacle of Gaming Precision and Customizability

Step into the realm of elite gaming with the Logitech G502, a mouse that epitomizes precision and versatility. Crafted for those who demand nothing but the best, the G502 boasts an ultra-accurate optical sensor that ensures every move and click is registered with unparalleled precision. Experience the advantage of 11 customizable buttons, allowing you to set up command sequences and shortcuts for effortless gameplay. The mouse’s weight-tuning system gives you the power to adjust its heft to your liking, ensuring optimal comfort and control. And with its striking design coupled with customizable RGB lighting, the G502 doesn’t just perform at its best—it looks its best too. Elevate your gaming prowess and aesthetic with the unmatched capability of the Logitech G502.

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Ultra-accurate Optical Sensor. Guarantees that every movement and click is tracked with exceptional accuracy, ensuring competitive advantage in intense gaming situations.


11 Programmable Buttons.Offers gamers the flexibility to assign specific actions, macros, or sequences, streamlining gameplay and making critical actions more accessible


Weight-Tuning System. Allows users to adjust the mouse's weight to their preference, balancing comfort and control for prolonged gaming sessions


Customizable RGB Lighting. Delivers vibrant and customizable lighting effects, letting users match their mouse to their gaming rig or mood, adding a personal touch to their setup


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