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Razer Viper Mini: Unleash Swift Precision in a Compact Powerhouse

Discover a new realm of agility with the Razer Viper Mini. Engineered for those who desire swiftness in a sleek form, this compact mouse doesn’t compromise on performance. At the heart of the Viper Mini lies Razer’s advanced optical sensor, ensuring every subtle movement is tracked with unparalleled precision. With its lightweight design, rapid response times, and customizable Chroma RGB lighting, the Viper Mini stands as a testament to Razer’s commitment to superior gaming gear. The mouse also boasts programmable buttons, letting you tailor your gameplay for competitive advantage. When speed, style, and precision matter, the Razer Viper Mini delivers on all fronts.

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Advanced Optical Sensor. Captures even the most subtle movements with exceptional accuracy, ensuring every action in gameplay is registered precisely


Programmable Buttons & Chroma RGB Lighting. Provides users with the flexibility to assign specific commands, while the dynamic Chroma RGB lighting adds a touch of personalized aesthetics to the mouse


Lightweight & Compact. Emphasizes speed and maneuverability with its featherweight build, designed for rapid and smooth movements, especially during high-octane gaming.


Speedy Response Time. Guarantees that every click and command is executed in real-time, giving gamers a competitive edge.


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