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Razer Kraken X: Immersive Audio Redefined for the Ultimate Gaming Experience

Dive into a world of unparalleled audio clarity with the Razer Kraken X headphones. Crafted for gamers and audiophiles alike, these headphones deliver a sound profile that’s both rich in detail and expansive in range. The ultra-lightweight build ensures comfort during prolonged usage, whether you’re in the middle of an epic gaming marathon or just enjoying your favorite tracks. Integrated with 7.1 surround sound, they transport you directly to the heart of the action, making every in-game footstep, ambient whisper, or pulsating beat come alive. Coupled with a crystal-clear cardioid mic, communication remains pristine and uninterrupted. With adjustable headband and plush ear cushions, the Razer Kraken X is your ticket to immersive sound like never before.

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Audio Quality

7.1 Surround Sound. Delivers a rich and immersive audio experience, encapsulating every nuance and detail for both gaming and music.


Ultra-Lightweight Design. Ensures maximum comfort even during prolonged use, reducing fatigue and enhancing the user experience.


Crystal-Clear Cardioid Mic. Provides clear and uninterrupted communication, ideal for in-game chat or online calls.


Premium Build Quality. Constructed with high-grade materials to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.


Adjustable Headband & Plush Ear Cushions. Tailored for a personalized fit, offering comfort and ensuring optimal sound isolation.


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